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About MedFront

Medfront is a medical supplier and healthcare consultancy firm with a two-fold objective:

  • Providing high value-added services to global healthcare manufacturers seeking representation in the Middle East & Africa region
  • Partnering with local players to support the healthcare ecosystem with innovative and disruptive medical products that help improve physician practice and patient outcomes

Medfront is well-positioned to deliver on these promises.

Building on half a century of accumulated team expertise within the region, and driven by passion and a genuine care for empowering local healthcare, Medfront aims to be the partner of choice for companies looking to introduce their technologies to the region, and companies looking to scale up their presence in the region.

Pillars of Our Success

We have the capability to deliver value to all our partners, and we do so with integrity and with the highest ethical standards.


The five pillars of our success are:

  • Our extensive regional network of distributors, customers, key opinion leaders, decision makers, and governmental & reimbursement bodies, which give us access and ability to influence local market dynamics
  • Our proven track record in driving growth and ensuring successful penetration and adoption of healthcare products in the region
  • Our localized approach. We understand the region’s health trends, challenges, and opportunities. We know how to navigate the risks and volatility inherent to the region. We comprehend local cultures, and local patient and customer behavior
  • Our multinational know-how. We speak the language of multinational companies. We understand the operational, financial, and strategic requirements of our global partners, and we conduct business within standard compliance boundaries
  • Our purpose-driven culture. We work with passion. We measure by results

Our Regional Coverage

We cover the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, a region that presents tremendous opportunity for global healthcare manufacturers and innovators.

The MEA region has a sizeable population of 1.8 billion people distributed across 70 countries that are at different levels of socio-demographic and economic development. This ranges from the low-income countries where poverty and communicable diseases are still a major burden, to wealthy nations that boast some of the highest per capita GDPs in the world and enjoy state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure.

The fundamentals and healthcare demand trends of the region are strong, driven by a rapidly growing population, rising income levels, a shifting disease burden, and increasing spend on healthcare.

At Medfront, we have a sound understanding of these fundamentals, and of the gaps in the local healthcare ecosystems. We understand the region’s diversity, and we help you tailor your strategies and go to market models to the needs of each individual market. 

Our main offices are strategically located in Dubai, global hub for innovation, knowledge, and investment, and an established business destination. Dubai gives us ease of access to our customers and distributors across the Middle East & Africa region, and ease of access to the resources we need to deliver on our mission and strategies.

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